What is Hydrosphere?

Hydrosphere is the most environmentally responsible, easy to use and less damaging replacement for the traditional process of system pre-commission filling and chemical flushing of heating and cooling systems.

Until Hydrosphere was invented, every water treatment company was flushing systems in an antiquated and archaic fashion. This meant throwing millions of litres of chemical effluent down the drain, whilst at the same time spending an unnecessary amount of time on-site and causing long-term damage to pipework installations.

Hydrosphere comprises two concepts which when combined, work symbiotically to produce superior quality system water and long-lasting protection of brand new installations. All this whilst discharging no water to drain and completing projects in less time than all other methods for pre-commission cleaning systems.

HydroFill -  System filling through a Hydrosphere rig

The first aspect of Hydrosphere and perhaps the most important, is that all the systems are pre-treated using our patented pre-treatment equipment which prevents almost 100% of microbial life from entering a system. It protects and passivates new systems, from the first drop of water to the last.

HydroClean - Closed loop system conditioning with HCUs

The second part of the process is the conditioning equipment, which enables us to clean systems at BSRIA specified velocity by removing all system debris through highly efficient cartridge media.

By incorporating these two processes, the Hydrosphere licensed water treatment companies are able to clean systems far quicker than other pre-commission cleaning methods. By ensuring your systems are filled using a Hydrosphere filling rig you never introduce raw water – preventing the corrosion cycle from ever starting. Hydrosphere certified engineers then only need to remove system contaminants, already present in the pipework, with Hydropshere Conditioning Units, leaving you with a clean treated system.

Hydrosphere’s patented process and technology removes the need to rely on outdated practices to clean and protect closed loop heating and cooling systems before they are commissioned. Our licensees have access to cutting edge technology, methods, equipment and training – ensuring that the highest standards and superior results are par for the course.

Better for the environment
Faster and more profitable project completion
Extends the life of systems

Key benefits of implementing a Hydrosphere fill and clean

The only zero effluent method available

The most environmentally responsible method to fill and clean closed loop heating and cooling systems. No waste is produced and no chemicals are flushed down the drain, meaning no effluent license required.

Can be performed with minimal water supply

The only water the Hydrosphere process requires is the initial water to fill the system. Large systems can be filled with a standard site supply.

Deliver projects with certainty

By using Hydrosphere licensed technicians, you can be certain that a project will be completed professionally, on time and within budget

Precise, automated system dosing with failsafes.

Our automated rigs ensure that the system water parameters are not compromised during the filling process, ensuring superior water qualiity.

Medical grade filtration of system water

Our Bioblock filters remove 99.99999% of all bacteria before it enters the system preventing biofilm growth and pipework pitting.

Removes the need for aggressive and damaging chemical cleaners

By filling systems with pre-dosed water from the start, aggressive chemical cleaning regimes are not required for new systems.

Quicker to complete

Less steps in the process, less man hours, quicker to complete and lower risk

Cutting edge technology

Access to equipment and technology that is constantly upgraded to industry leading levels.

Opportunities and support

Access to new clients, referrals and potential to win Hydrosphere specifed projects


HydroFill - Industry leading automated filling rigs

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HydroClean - Innovative CPC conditioning equipment

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Hydrosphere has been implemented successfully on an ever growing number of major developments with significant benefits in time, cost and effluent reduction.

For Specifiers, Developers, Construction and M&E companies

How to get the benefits of Hydrosphere on your developments and projects

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