Hydroclean equipment removes the need to flush to drain

The HydroClean uses the best in conditioning and filtration hardware. Our Hydrosphere Conditioning Units (HCUs) are forged from stainless steel, and our range of hoses, manifolds and modified pumps help prevent microbiological infestation.

100% Stainless Steel

Hydrosphere Conditioning Units and accessories are built only using stainless steel to ensure that microbiological infection and corroded materials are not introduced back into the system during the cleaning.

Built for ease of use

From our HCUs to our modified 110v circulation and multistage pumps, our heavy equipment is fitted to barrows to ensure they are easy to get around site safely.

Large, small, hot and live

Hydrosphere carries a huge range of sizes, fittings and specifications of pumps, filtration units, manifolds and hoses to connect 1/2inch to 10inch pipe work - all available to rent by our licensees



Why use it?

Once full, a system is cleaned using HCUs (Hydrosphere Conditioning Units). These are connected to a common circulating point on the system, generally in the main plant area. 

The system is flushed in exactly the same way a traditional dynamic flush would be undertaken. All the system flows are maximised in accordance with BSRIA guidelines, recorded, and all strainers are cleaned. The key difference is that all of the water is reused and recycled.

By recirculating the system water you are no longer constrained by the amount of water available - meaning the system can be cleaned at a much higher and more effective rate than flushing water to drain.

Our licensees have access to a large range of accessories and cleaning equipment to be able to provide the best solution to systems of all sizes. All of our HydroClean equipment is provided in stainless steel to ensure that microbiological infestation and corrosion are not added back into the system during the process.

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Hydrosphere has been implemented successfully on an ever growing number of major developments with significant benefits in time, cost and effluent reduction.

For Specifiers, Developers, Construction and M&E companies

How to get the benefits of Hydrosphere on your developments and projects

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For water treatment specialists that want to offer Hydrosphere filling and cleaning

How to become a licensee, win new business and offer your existing clients Hydrosphere

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