A system is for life, not just practical completion

Practical completion is just the beginning. After spending the time filling your system right from the start, and performing a Hydrosphere clean - the goal should be to keep it at optimal levels. Our range of HydroCare bespoke fixed automated dosing units can be fitted to ensure that your water quality is constantly monitored, and the chemical makeup topped up as required on demand.

This not only ensures that your water treatment is not forgotten about once a system is handed over, but protects the system ensuring that corrosion and microbiological infection are avoided over time.

Easy to use realtime data

Touchscreen control panels provide an easy and intuitive way for your engineers to monitor your dosing equipment and connects directly to your Boiler Management System

Constant monitoring and autodosing

Realtime monitoring of chemical levels and market leading Grundfos dosing pumps ensure precise, targeted dosing to systems when water quality levels drop

Self contained units

Floor or wall mounted units in stainless steel ensure that the best use of space is made where it can sometimes be at a premium.

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Why use it?

Once a system goes live, there are many factors that can cause chemical levels to drop and for damage to start to occur. By installing a bespoke HydroCare dosing platform, you can monitor water levels and automatically add more chemicals to ensure ongoing microbiological and corrosion protection.

Our bespoke dosing platforms can be made to your system's specification - big or small. This ensures you not only have the best in class technology - but the right setup to protect your investment. Our dosing platforms also connect to your boiler management system (BMS) to make you aware of any issues as they occur, so they can be actioned immediately.

Hydrosphere dosing platforms ensure that once you have filled your system with confidence, it can be left with certainty.

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Hydrosphere has been implemented successfully on an ever growing number of major developments with significant benefits in time, cost and effluent reduction.

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