Our patented Hydrosphere technology revolutionises the heating and cooling closed system cleaning process, saving you time, your profits and our planet.

Filled right from the start

Our automated, patented technology changes the chemistry and microbiology of the make-up water to fill the system right from the start. This water then stays in the system instead of being flushed to drain multiple times.

Closed loop cleaning

That same treated water is then used to circulate and clean the system to industry standards at BSRIA velocities saving up to 40% of the time required for a traditional flush.

Environmentally responsible

The Hydrosphere process means no water wasted and no damaging chemicals flushed down the drain. No pollution, no need for an effluent license - and most importantly - no damage to our planet.

As well as being BSRIA BG29 compliant, our method is faster, protects the environment and adds years to the life of a system. Hydrosphere results surpass industry guidelines - setting a new standard for water treatment specialists.

From encouraging more sustainable developments, to ensuring certainty when it comes to utilising the right water treatment specialists, find out how Hydrosphere technologies and licensees can have a positive impact on your business today.

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HydroFill™ - Industry leading automated filling rigs

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HydroClean™ - Innovative CPC conditioning equipment

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HydroCare™ - Automated dosing platforms

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Hydrosphere has been implemented successfully on an ever growing number of major developments with significant benefits in time, cost and effluent reduction.

For Specifiers, Developers, Construction and M&E companies

How to get the benefits of Hydrosphere on your developments and projects

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For water treatment specialists that want to offer Hydrosphere filling and cleaning

How to become a licensee, win new business and offer your existing clients Hydrosphere

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