Filled right from the start

Our automated patented technology changes the chemistry and microbiology of the make up water to fill the system right from the start. Hydrosphere requires 20x less water than a traditional system flush

Closed loop cleaning

That same treated water is then used to circulate and clean the system to industry standards at BSRIA velocities. This saves up to 40% of the time required for a tradional flush

No effluent produced

No water is wasted and nothing is flushed down the drain. No pollution, no need for an effuience license - no damage to our planet

Our method can be 3x quicker to complete, 20x better for the environment and adds years to the life of a system. Hydrosphere results surpass industry guidelines - setting a new standard for water treatment specialists.

It is effluent free, totally sustainable and better for the environment. The process uses less manpower, water and chemicals that will save money and resources – leading to faster and more profitable project completions. Not only this, but it will improve and protect the operational performance of heating and cooling systems and dramatically extend their lifetime operational efficiency.

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