Take the human error out of filling systems

The Hydrosphere filling rig is the most advanced automated dosing technology for closed loop systems on the market. In development for over 7 years, the MK6 rig has been tried and tested on systems across Europe and ensures that raw water never enters a heating or cooling system – preventing the corrosion process from ever starting.

Medical grade filtration

BioBlock is unique to Hydrosphere and uses technology more commonly found in kidney dialysis machines. It physically prevents microorganisms from entering systems in the first place, including strains that may be resistant to biocides.

Precise dosing technology

By using the most accurate, industry leading dosing pumps available, a Hydrosphere filling rig ensures system water is accurately dosed right from the start.

Built in failsafes

Hydrosphere filling rigs shutdown if they run out of chemicals; if there is a power shortage, a blockage or too much pressure detected - ensuring you always know what is going into your system.

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Why use it?

Traditionally systems are filled with raw water which creates a lot of issues you then have to treat. Imagine if your doctor told you to drink some dirty water, then take some antibiotics to try and prevent it, making you sick. Why not just drink clean water to start with? Now, using fully automated, state of the art equipment, Hydrosphere takes care of the filling process ensuring your system makeup is right from the start.

Our rigs contain various stages of pre-treatment to remove micro-organisms and prevent corrosion from day one. Our technology prevents 99.999% of living, dying and dead bacteria and their bio-mass from entering a system. It also instantly passivates and protects the pipe-work to prevent corrosion, providing long term protection.

Once your system is full it can then be pressure tested and sampling can start straight away. The question should be, why would you let any water that enters the system not be pre-treated by a Hydrosphere filling rig?

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Hydrosphere has been implemented successfully on an ever growing number of major developments with significant benefits in time, cost and effluent reduction.

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How to get the benefits of Hydrosphere on your developments and projects

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