Why become a Hydrosphere licensee?

By becoming a Hydrosphere licensee you can ensure you offer the best technology, best pre-commission cleaning methods and unlock new business opportunities with new and existing clients.

Hydrosphere is recognised in the water treatment industry as the premier way to clean systems. The BSRIA guide is specifically being updated to include our process and will be referred to as CPC (closed loop pre-treatment cleaning) in the new guide out in Spring 2020. It will highlight our method of filling and cleaning systems as the environmental alternative to traditional chemical cleaning.

The Hydropshere process is frequently specified by construction and M&E companies due to the positive difference it makes to the environment, time to complete and positive impact on the health of the systems. By becoming one of our licensees, you are not only able to undertake these projects, but have access to the best filling and cleaning hardware and support to complete your works.

Our licensees get the following benefits:
Opportunities and support
  • Referrals for potential projects and new clients
  • Attendance for pitch meetings when available
  • Access to standard method statements and template documents
  • Training for your labour force
  • Gain extra visibility as responsible and qualified contractors in water treatment
Industry leading equipment
  • Ability to utilise Hydrosphere patented methodology
  • Ability to rent Hydrosphere technology and equipment
  • All equipment maintained by Hydrosphere (except for damage)
  • Equipment constantly upgraded to industry leading levels so you can always offer the latest and best solutions.
Simple pricing and long term savings
  • Simple fixed pricing with no more royalty fees on new license agreement
  • Tiered costs on filling rigs with reduced costs when taken for longer term periods

Hydrosphere removes the need to rely on outdated practices to clean and protect closed loop heating and cooling systems before they are commissioned. Our licensees have access to cutting edge technology, methods, equipment and training to ensure that high standards and superior results are par for the course.

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Hydrosphere has been implemented successfully on an ever growing number of major developments with significant benefits in time, cost and effluent reduction.